Discover the latest version of Meeting4Display

Telelogos launches version 2.4 of its room booking solution


Optimize your meeting rooms’ use

With Meeting4Display version 2.4, define your organization’s opening hours and view the meeting rooms’ occupancy statistics from the Meeting4Display interface.
Compare the occupancy statistics depending on the equipment and services available in each room.

Export your statistics

The new version of Meeting4Display allows you to export your statistics in PDF or CSV format:
  • Occasionally, from the web interface
  • Automatically, by email

Create configuration profiles

Rooms dedicated to internal meetings, visitors, general services…
Create configuration profiles and apply them to your rooms according to their use: available services and equipment, limitation or access to all Meeting4Display features...

Save time during deployment.

Before deploying your screens, pre-configure your installation from the Meeting4Display web interface. During deployment, install your room booking devices and associate them to your room resource. The device is then synchronized (profile configuration, capacity, associated equipment and services, and location). The device is ready to use !

QBIC TD1050 PRO certification

The Qbic TD1050 PRO is the latest device to have been tested and approved by Telelogos and is now compatible with Meeting4Display