Discover Meeting4Display version 2.3

Telelogos launches version 2.3 of Meeting4Display, its room booking and management solution

Discover Meeting4Display version 2.3 - room booking and management software

Conciergerie Meeting4Display Room booking and management softwareManage available resources and services easily via Meeting4Display

Set up available resources in your rooms from the Meeting4Display web interface and assign a category to each resource: comfort (coffee, heating...), IT support (Wi-Fi, video-conferencing...), general (cleanliness, light...).  

With just a few clicks, users can report an incident or request a service using Meeting4Display's new conciergerie feature. The platform notifies the relevant service by emailing the address assigned to the associated category (comfort, IT, service...)

List of available rooms Meeting4Display room booking and management software


Room search and quick booking 

The new feature allows users to search for available rooms based on location, as well as its resources. Users can directly book the room that meets their needs through the touch screen, either by using the quick booking option with a predefined time slots (15/30/60 minutes), or by customizing the date and duration of the meeting.


Control buildings' digital signage from the Telelogos platform 

When combined with the Media4Display digital signage software, Meeting4Display can broadcast information messages/media content on all your screens, for example to increase employees' awareness of internal company news.

With Meeting4Display widgets, create media content to show the availability of your rooms and display this in real time on screens located at the reception desk/Lift exit… to direct employees and visitors to their desired room.


Room status digital signageMeeting list digital signage Building map room status digital signage