Jarvis 10.1” touch display by Glorystar now certified for use with Meeting4Display

The Jarvis 10.1” touch display has been tested and approved by the Telelogos team and is now certified for use with Meeting4Display.

Meeting4Display Room booking and management softwareRoom booking solution: Glorystar Jarvis 10.1 now certified for Meeting4Display

The Jarvis 10.1” certification allows users to exploit the complete set of administration and management tools available within the Telelogos solutions. With Meeting4Display, users can book a room directly from the Jarvis 10.1” touch display, or from their messaging system, as well as having a complete control of the hardware and any other software elements installed on the device (silent software updates, remote management, hardware and software monitoring).

Using the new Meeting4Display Conciergerie feature, users can search for available rooms based on location and resources available, and with just a few clicks, report an incident or request a service to the relevant service by email notification. 

Glorystar certified by Telelogos Meeting4Display

Jarvis 10.1”: Commercial-Grade Reliability

Powered by Android, the Jarvis 10.1” touch display allows users to check the occupancy status of a meeting room from a distance thanks to embedded LED lights in green or red representing the room status. The Glorystar touch display has been designed for commercial grade use, making it an ideal solution for room signage applications. Its PoE (Power over Ethernet) function allows the Jarvis 10.1” to get wired internet connection and power through a single cable.

Display the status of your rooms on your digital signage screens

When combined with the Telelogos digital signage solution Media4Display, Meeting4Display allows its users to create content showing the availability of rooms and display this in real time on screens located at the reception desk/Lift exit… to direct employees and visitors to their desired room.

With the Meeting4Display “Widgets”, users can broadcast in real time the status of their rooms, lists of current and upcoming scheduled meetings, or even add floor plan showing the location of rooms in the building and their current availability status.